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15 Years of Leadership, Motivation, and Education for the Hospitality Industry

Kapoor & Kapoor is one of the most experienced and diverse groups of consultants in the hospitality industry. Our innovative approach toward strategic planning and performance management allows our clients to achieve breakthrough success through the implementation of cutting-edge operations and marketing solutions. Unlike other business management consultants, our firm operates as a true strategic partner, providing our client organizations with an unbiased analysis of their organization, and following up with partnership toward the achievement of targeted goals.

Under the dynamic leadership of Tarun Kapoor, Kapoor & Kapoor helps hotels, restaurants, and private clubs maximize success. Our practical, real-world approach and vibrant strategic business planning will assist you in meeting the specific goals of your business or organization. We provide expertise in the following areas to allow our clients to grow as healthier, stronger organizations.
  • Hotel Management
  • Private Club Consulting
  • Restaurant Business Development
  • Targeted Strategic Planning
  • Developing Management Companies
  • Performance Management
  • Training Solutions
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What Clients Say
"I want to send my appreciation to you for spending time with the recent BMI II class at Cal-Poly. It was certainly an eye opening experience and it sent me home full of introspection. Your knowledge and experience was an asset to us all."
Thomas G. Kriskey, Director of Food & Beverage Valley Hi Country Club

"Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach on the BMI II course last week! I enjoyed listening to you and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from you. I look forward to seeing and talking to you in the future."
Lee Mackay, Graniteville, SC

"Your input, perspective and delivery was insightful and well executed. I truly enjoyed the sessions with you. You lived up to the expectations I had of you from my mentor and it is a joy that we have that thread in common and can speak about your material. I particularly thought that your sports analogy was very compelling and illustrative. I wish you continued success in all that you pursue. Thank you again."
Courtney Gebben

" It was indeed a pleasure to see and hear you again, Your sessions are always educational and better yet, entertaining and fun."
Bob A. Guth, CCM, Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, Boca Raton, FL

"It was a pleasure meeting you. Being able to interact in a small setting like BMI II was a great experience. You and the other instructors and BMI II did a wonderful job and using current real life examples makes the material much more interesting. I look forward to seeing you again and If you are ever in the New York area please give me a call."
Scott Yandrasevich, Rye Golf Club, Rye, New York

"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for taking time out of your very busy day to provide us with such an informative and entertaining class during our recent BMI II at Cal Poly. I found you to be a great speaker. I look forward to seeing you again soon for one of our Florida conferences. Thank You again."
David H. McClymont - Director of Food & Beverage
, Bear Lakes Country Club - West Palm Beach, Florida   [more]

"Thank you for your excellent and thought provoking presentations last week in BMI II. Very Well thought out and practical!"
Renay Roark - General Manager, Eagle Ridge Golf Club - Summerfield, FL    [more]

Thank you for a terrific session on governance and boards. I believe it is one of the best education sessions I have attended with CMAA. You were well prepared and you have a great deal of experience and wisdom to add."
Jim Riscigno, Director - Professional Golf Management, Dedman School of Hospitality, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida   [more]

"Your governance presentation on Sunday was terrific and I enjoyed hearing your perspectives, especially since some of them differed from my own. After all, I have heard a wise man say that learning begins at the point of disagreement."
John R. Kinner, CCM - Portland Country Club - Falmouth, Maine

"The successful entrepreneurs at K & K showed us the way to developing and mapping out our hospitality business, with strategic methodology, performance-based management solutions and integrated operations structures that propelled our business from a successful family business to a major player in hotel franchising."
Ohm Patel, President Alliance Hospitality Inc.

"Many thanks for really helping stretch our thinking on the …….. proposition."
Mark Tinsey, Proctor & Gamble   [more]

"I have heard nothing but compliments about your presentation/leadership on Saturday. The Board got a great deal from it and is charged up to have a really good year."
George Smith, President, Bel-Air Bay Club

"Your participation was invaluable to our human resource initiative. Thank you."
Nick Galanos, Executive Vice President, TGIFridays   [more]

"The Board was extremely pleased with both the survey report and the entire process used by your firm."
Buzz Radoff, CCM, General Manager, the Lakes Country Club

"We appreciate what you have done for Frontier. I am now daily looking at the numbers and NOI. Our GM’s also understand the power of numbers more."
Pete Patel, Vice President & Owner, Frontier Hotel Management Group   [more]

"I want to personally thank you for your assistance, cooperation and commitment to making our Management Development Conference a great success with our licensees."
Chris Longstreet, Director Education and Training, Choice Hotels International

"I would like to thank you for your continued and successful efforts in helping us establish and implement a long range plan....Of greater value, I believe, has been your continued availability and willingness to intervene, when requested, to make sure that we "stay the course. The depth of knowledge and your ability to cajole, with gentle humor, has clearly added to your credibility"
Thomas J. Nathan, President, Michigan Shores

"What a terrific presentation! You were truly the big hit of the weekend."
Markus Kirchmayer, Chair, Assistant Club Managers Conference

"Kapoor & Kapoor are true visionaries of business and hospitality, whose years of hands-on experience and leadership have driven our company to the next level. Their knowledge and guidance has helped us achieve the success and profitability we imagined."
Panos Haitayan, President, Café Santorini & Rococo   [more]

"We want to express our extreme satisfaction with Bob Sexton and the firm of Kapoor & Kapoor. We were extremely satisfied with the process from start to finish. We found the approach to be customized to our needs and responsive to our concerns and comments."
Dale A. Johnson, President, and Linda Caroll, General Manager, White Bear Yacht Club   [more]

"On behalf of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, we appreciate your outstanding contribution to our association."
Fred Schwartz, President AAHOA

"Your comprehensive approach to the survey process and understanding/prioritization of the results is really where the benefits became more obvious to the Board and Committee."
Mitchell Laskowitz, CCM, General Manager, Tam-O-Shanter Country Club

"Thanks to with Kapoor & Kapoor, Key West Inns has developed an innovative Franchise Service Program with the goal to optimize profitability for each Franchisee"
Neal Jackson, Vice President, Key West Inns and Jackson Hospitality

"You were extremely motivational and informative. And, you told our franchisees things they really needed to hear."
Debra Pate, Director of Marketing, Guesthouse International

"We cannot thank you enough for providing such a thought provoking and energizing workshop. We hope you are open to a future program. We would look forward to working with you again."
Pamela Hemann, CAE, Executive Vice President, Southern California Society of Association Executives   [more]

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